Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fun Folds Card Number Two!

Good Day My Crafty Ones!

Yep it's day Two of my Fun Folds reveal.  Today's card is called a Tri Shutter card.  I have to tell you this card is intimidating to look at but so easy to do.  I have wanted to try one for a long time but had to screw up my nerve cause I thought it was hard to do.  Well, let me tell you, cutting this baby out is a snap - however cutting the pieces for the inside, another thing altogether.  There are so many frippin pieces lol.

But I had lots of fun and from now on will NEVER be afraid of this type of card.  I can't wait for the ladies to see this one in person.  Should be a busy day but since I will have most of the work (IE: cutting) done it should go smoothly.   So have a look and see what you think of my creation.

This is the card closed flat for easy mailing.  I just got the new Mocha Morning DSP and decided to use some for this card.  The Colors are Soft Suede, Early Espresso and surprise - Calypso Coral.  Yah stuck on the coral lately.  Tomorrows card will be a totally different color I promise!

This is the card open.  Beautiful right?  Don't you love the folds and valleys on this one.  I showed it to Colleen last night via Skype and she can't wait for me to come to Stephenville to do the same class for my stampers out there. 

This is another pic taken from the other side of the folds to show the ribbon and the different dsp that I used on the  inside.  I don't know about you but I would love to get one of these in the mail for my Birthday!  Subtle hint - I have one in May! 

Well that's it for today everyone!  I think though it is time for a joke.  Haven't had one in a long while and need one today don't you?   My daughter and son and my Mother all live in Ontario which as you know is experiencing an all time high in temperatures.  I have received calls from all of them crowing about the lovely weather while we here in Newfoundland have snow.  Well here's my answer to them all. 

Not amused hugs!

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