Saturday, April 28, 2012

I hate contests!

Hi, it's the Blog Hogger again!

Now, if you've been following Kathy's blog you will be aware of the many competitions Kathy and I engage in . . . and that I regularly lose.  (And if you have just stumbled onto this blog for the first time, now you know about it too!  lol)

Well, I have always been able to sooth my ruffled feelings by knowing that I was considered the Stampin' Up Card Creator Extraordinaire at my office place.  (And, yes, I am sure that was my actual title!  lol)

This past week we at the office, along with the rest of the world, celebrated Administrative Professional's Day and I brought in absolutely beautiful cards for our two secretaries.  They were handmade cards (of course), reflecting much time and effort, and were pinnacles of perfection!  (Kathy's not the only one in our family who is comfortable with self-praise!  lol)

Yesterday, however, our head honcho, Wilhelmena - may the sun shine on her blessed head - brought an absolutely delicious homemade chocolate cake to work for our morning break . . . which was such a thoughtful thing to do.  (Especially since I love sweets and, seriously, it was soooooo good!  lol)

Unfortunately, she also brought the two hand-decorated candles she had lovingly made for our secretaries!  Would you like to see them?  Okay, here they are:

Here's the front of Elizabeth's candle . . .

and here's the back!

Here's Jenny's, from the front (showing off the Dazzling Diamonds she embedded into the candle) . . . 

and the side . . .

and the back!

There's a wonderful verse, their names, ribbon, bows, butterflies, flowers, pearls, rhinestones, and Dazzling Diamonds!!!

And as my jaw dropped and my heart sank I realized . . . I can't even win a Who-Makes-The-Most-Beautiful-Creation-Using-Stampin'-Up-Products-At-Work Contest!!!

It's a good thing I like my job, 'cause I hate my boss!  lol

Depressed hugs,


  1. It's ok Colleen you are still the best Blog Hogger I know! You would win that contest every time.!!

  2. Colleen, you are too funny. And even though you don't win the contests that you enter either knowingly or not, you make beautiful cards. And, you have the best boss - just saying!

    The boss.

  3. Hmmm, I question the truth of Kathy's statement simply because I suspect she wants to stay on my good side so that I'll continue to blog . . . and she's my sister! lol

    On the other hand, my boss just admitted . . . in writing . . . that I make beautiful cards, and for that I will grant her the "Best Boss" Award! Who knows, there might even be a card for that! lol

    Colleen, aka the Blog Hogger