Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Tisket a Tasket a Green and Yellow Pail!

Good Day Everyone!

Well today got off to a fine start - My mother in law needed me!  So I have spent the whole day doing craft projects for her to use in her church program.

She is very active in her church and every so often she ropes asks me to help her with a program that she wants to do.   Apparently her program next week has to do with water being the source of life and with that idea in mind we had to decorate 20 buckets.  Here's what I came up with to make them pretty.

It probably would have gone faster if I had done it by myself but it wouldn't have been half as much fun lol.  She is game for anything.  I made some suggestions and then she  decided what she liked.  (of course she didn't like any of my earlier suggestions, so I had to come up with new ones!)  Here is a picture of the 20 buckets/pails done.

This is a close up of the front of the little pails.  I suggested a neutral color, black, and then we used Very Vanilla and ran it through the computer to get the saying.

  I had to give her EXTENSIVE training on the Big Shot but she got laughing and well training takes much longer when you are bent double holding your sides and a tissue to your eyes.  She is 81 years young and a nutcase! 

As you can see we used the new Framlit Labels to cut out the saying and then I needed a small flower or something to take the starkness off the front.  I glued small (read minuscule) yellow centers to the tiny flowers after I sponged them with a darker color. 

So that's it for today everyone!  No cards for you today I kinda got left holding the bucket! 

Get it?  Kat holding the bucket?  Humm I guess it not as funny if I have to EXPLAIN it for you!

Well that's one to cross off my bucket list!  Oh, I crack myself up!  I  can't  Stop   laughing! 

What did the big bucket say to the little bucket?
You look a little pail!

Ok, enough, I hurt!!!  

Little Kitty Hugs!

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  1. You are one talented lady. I enjoy reading your posts. JoAnn B.