Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Trip!

Good day Crafty Ones!

Today was a good day, hubby decided to take a side trip to a couple of out of the way places near here.  Of course I had to take the camera.  After a long drive the wait was well worth it as I am about to show you.

We went to Sop's Arm, Pollard's Point and Jackson's Arm.  This is the first time I have been able to get on line to show you anything and the time here is 11:22 pm.  it is pitch black in the truck and I am typing in the dark.  It's a good thing you can't see me because I am scrunched over my keyboard and listening to music from Athen's Greece.  Yeah I'm a nut, but as my dad used to say a nice nut!

So here are the pic's of my road trip!

This is a Fog bank hanging off the coast just outside of Sop's Arm!

Another view of the fog bank!  Love it!

An artsy fartsy picture of the same fog bank but taken through a fence.  I love how it turned out!

This was a picture taken of an old fallen down building in Jackson's Arm.  I loved the old weathered wood and the glimpse through the window.

Another shot of the same building but not so close up!

This was the front of the building.  I need to edit this one to get rid of the wire on the top of the picture.  But it will make a great pic once I edit out modern life.

I gave my hubby a camera for xmas and while he doesn't have the same feel for his camera as I do I think this one deserves an honourable mention. lol.

Well that was my day and I guess I have to go back to the camper.  He is probably wondering if I got lost lol.  Oh and if there are any typo's please ignore them.  Did I mention it was pitch black?

picturesque hugs!

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