Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have a CASE for inspirstion!

Good Day Crafty ones!

I missed you yesterday.  Hubby and I went home for a night.  I had some business to take care of and groceries and laundry to do.  You know just the day to day maintenance that comes with camping.

Rick and I went for a little Quad ride on Tuesday evening.  He took me out to dinner at a local restaurant that is only a 20 min Quad ride.  On the way home I was keeping a close eye out for moose (Newfoundland Speed Bumps) and other wild life.  Didn’t see any but when I went to bed that night I had a silly dream.

 I dreamed I was in the basement of my home and I was on the Quad.  Suddenly there were two moose trying to come down my basement stairs.  I parked the Quad and tried to help the smaller moose down the stairs. 

Ok, I don’t need anyone to interpret that dream.  I had moose on my mind but I was still helping Carrie deliver a baby!  So I decided yesterday to go to Ottawa a week early.  I know that my daughter needs me and to be honest I need to be there with her during the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy.  I am looking forward to helping her out with housework and groceries and doctor’s appointments as she is finding it so hard right now to get around. 

Her hubby is working out of town and is only home on the weekends so I have been very worried about her being alone at this stage of the pregnancy.  Hubby doesn’t need me as much as she does, so bye bye hubby!

I am alone at the camper today, Rick is gone fishing for the day.  It is kinda nice to be alone for a change.  Yes, I realize it is only two weeks since he retired, but what can I say!  I like my space.

 So I got the camper cleaned up and headed out to my screen tent to see if inspiration would find me.  I was looking at the catalog and decided to try my hand at one of their cards.  Look on page 35 and you will see a card in the top right hand corner.  That is the one I cased!

Ok first problem – no Pool Party card stock so I substituted with Primrose Petals.  I don’t have the die they used but I do have Delicate Doilies – yay!  I don’t have the stamp set they used either and  the hole punch and baker’s twine is home. So I don’t have anything they used on this card.  Hummm, working with limited supplies here for sure.  But I made it work!

I decided to use Make a Cake as my stamp set – have a look

I cut out the Doiley and punched out all the little holes, then I added some DSP, Floral District.  I added a strip of Daffodil Delight card stock and attached it with Sticky Strip.

 Trimmed the edges to a point.  I left 2 1/4 “ of the Daffodil Delight c/s flat so the tag would lay flat.  The tag is sized to 2” to fit in the space.  I used Primrose Petal ink and also some Summer Starfruit for the windmill and the Happy Birthday.

I added a one of the In Color Dahlias and the leaves came from the Bird Builder punch.  I just trimmed off a couple of leaves.  Of course I had to add a little glitter to the cake with Dazzling Diamonds. I punched a hole and used the new Stitched ribbon. 

I like how it turned out.  Not bad for limited supplies and casing the catty.

I have a little side story for you today!  For 40 years I have packed a lunch basket for my husband.  Working on the road means that he is not usually able to heat up his lunch so it was sandwiches most of the time.   We are sick of the basket and the sandwiches so last night I did this:

We had a little celebration last night.  Yes I did!  I burnt that sucker!

In it goes!

Look at that smile!  Felt good I can tell you!

Wow did it ever burn fast! 

Someone said that I should keep it as a memento but I think keeping my hubby was enough reminder of the old days lol!!

That's it for today!  Feeling the heat hugs!

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