Monday, July 9, 2012

That's What I get for Bragging!

Hi there crafters!

Yesterday’s post I told you about a beautiful day and hot temps.  Well today I am sitting around in jogging pants, wool socks and a long sleeved top.  Yep, the bottom just dropped out of the weather.  Crap!  That’s what I get for bragging!

So because today is cooler and a bit rainy, in the camper, it is TV day.  I normally don’t watch any TV but when it’s on I tend to get involved!  Hubby left to visit some friends in the park so I turned to TLC.  This channel drives my hubby insane – he said it’s like watching paint dry!  I happen to like paint and anything creative.  Hah!

Have any of you ever watched “What not to Wear”, or a “Baby Story”?  I started with the first program and proceeded to the second.  Ok, with Carrie so close to delivering her baby, watching the Baby Story" program was  not a great idea.  Lol 

I watched this lady go through labour and when the baby was delivered I literally started sobbing.  I don’t know this woman or her baby, but I was so invested.

 I could picture Carrie going through this whole process and it’s my baby having a baby.  OMG I am crying again!  I just know I am going to be a basket case, I only hope I will be able to hold it together during the delivery.  Wish us luck!!!!

I have a new project for you today.  A little while ago I was invited to a bridal shower.  One of my stampers is getting married in August.  Her wedding colors are Navy Blue and Yellow.  I made some paper flowers for her tables but I decided to make her a picture frame as part of my gift for her shower.

Have a look –

I used a 5” x 7” frame and I used two layers of Whisper White card stock and added a Navy Blue 3” x 5” area for a picture.  I used “Always Eleanor” to make the flowers.  I stamped them in Midnight Muse and colored the middles with Daffodil Delight.  I cut out the flowers and covered them with Crystal Effects.  You can’t see it in the picture but they are layered.  The Crystal Effects softened and blended the color.  I did not expect that!  It looked lovely. 

I used Daffodil Delight ink for the large image that backs the sentiment.  I didn’t have the framelits that match this set so I cut it out by hand.  I made these images layered so I was still able to add the glass.  This will protect the color of the card stock and the picture that she will put into it.

Well it’s almost time for me to get some supper for the hungry horde.  (Hubby)

Shivering and sobbing hugs! Ok not a good way to say good bye!  Try again – Cool and throat closed hugs!  Oh crap no better – Warming up and can’t wait to see my new grand daughter hugs!  Much better!

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