Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby report!

Good Day friends!

I have to say it has been hectic here in Ottawa.  Who would have thought one little baby would create so much havoc and excitement?

I have been shamelessly ignoring this blog in favor of cuddle time with the newest member of the family.  Also my son and his wife were here for the actual birth and I was trying to spend some time with them lol.

As you know I don't have my SU merchandise here in Ottawa and right now I am not even thinking cards, but I did get to meet some lovely ladies at a Demonstrator BBQ at my up-line's home.  Marlayne Hardy is my Up-up-up line.  She is a lovely lady and I had a lot of fun exchanging ideas and just being silly. 

One of the ladies, Jo-Ann Pullen is going to take me out to dinner later this month and maybe I will get some play time in her studio.  I am excited for that.  Also Marlayne is hosting a Holiday Hoopla on Aug. 23 and I am considering attending.  Of course it all depends on Miss Emily!  That's what we have taken to calling her.  :O)

Ready for a couple of pic's?  I sure hope so cause I am ready to show you!

Miss Emily Katherine!  Such a long name for such a small package!

Such a darling!

Carrie got out of the hospital yesterday and is feeling some pain from the C-Section but other than a little overwhelmed is doing fine.  Time and a schedule should fix most of the problems. 

Today I have one more post from the blog hogger.  At least you will have something Stampin' Up! related! 

In the meantime, hugs from Ottawa!

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