Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank you Blog Hogger!

Good day inky people!

It's me the missing demonstrator, Katherine!  I am so caught up in baby land that I haven't even checked my blog let alone posted.  Sorry!

But this morning I got a few treasured moments to myself to go on line and see if you had forgotten me!  And guess what I found!  My wonderful sister Colleen has been picking up the slack for me since she got home from her Mediterranean cruise. 

I just read a couple of the posts she has waiting for you over the next little while and I have to say, you are going to love what she has done.  The sources for her inspiration are amazing and so colorful!  I can't wait for her to unveil them to you!

So my undying thanks to Colleen aka the Blog Hogger!  to filling my blog with wonderful cards for all of you!  This definitely makes her my fav sister right now! 

Now on the Ottawa front,  my mom is visiting from North Bay for a week and yesterday we did some touring around Manotick.  They have a lovely old grist mill in the area and a small farmers market.  There were demonstrations of butter making and quilting and lace making yesterday.  The weather was breezy and just warm enough to make walking around a pleasure.

This is the front of Watson's Mill in historic Manotick!

This is the view from the back across a bridge that is one of the original locks from the 1900's.

A view up river!  How beautiful!

This is the front of the house where the gentleman Moss Kent Dickenson lived with his family!  They owned the mill and about 200 acres of land!

This is mom's new friend lol!  She is Eighty and mom is eighty three!  They looked cute together!

And of course I would be remiss if I didn't let you have one more look at Miss Emily Katherine!  She is asleep in her daddy's arms here and so content!  But we have found out she is a little night owl and likes to keep mommy and nana up until anywhere from 1:00am to 3:00am.  Lovely!!!!  Oh well it's only for another month or two! 

Well that's all from Ottawa!  Sightseeing hugs!

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