Monday, September 3, 2012

Trippin' Around!

Hey there Everyone! 

This week I am in London spending time with my son, Colin and his lovely wife Marie.  I couldn't leave Ontario without a little visit.  They drove 7 hours to Ottawa to pick me up and stayed for a couple of days to spend some time with Miss Emily.

We took a family boat tour of the Ottawa river.  The weather here is beyond fabulous with 30 degree temps. almost every day.  There was a lovely breeze on the river and we all had a wonderful day.  The baby is so easy to travel with.  She doesn't cry all that much and while on these activities she is the best.  (yes I am a very proud Nana). 

Here are a couple pic's of our tour.

A view of the Parliament Building from the water. 

An arm's length photo!   Colin, Marie and Carrie in the background.

Our newest little cruiser! 

Since arriving in London, we have been running from place to place and enjoying the fall activities here.  The first day I went to St. Jacobs and the massive open air market.  St. Jacobs is a Mennonite town and it's not unusual to see the familiar horse and buggy on the main road.  We took a horse drawn tour of a working farm and got a lot of information about these wonderful people and how they live.  I took some pic's of course. 

Our transportation.
Our next road trip was to a place called Winter Wheat just outside of London.  Here is a link to the website.  HERE 
This place is owned by a wonderful folk artist named Lucy Ogletree.  Her area is filled with whimsical art using recycled items.  Loved it.  Here are a couple of pic's
Me and a friend. 

my son looking up to see what the wooden man is spying!

This is what he was looking at lol.

This is a little place called the chapel filled with rustic furniture and quiet music and whimsical art.  So peaceful.  Could have spent a lot of time here.
I will be in London until Friday coming and then I am heading back to Ottawa by train.  It is fun playing tourist but I miss the babe lol.
Gotta run - we are heading for the beach ta ta! 
Cool Running hugs!

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