Friday, October 19, 2012

Clearance Rack and an Explanation!

Hi there Stampers!

I guess you have been wondering where I have been for the last few days.  Well, I twisted my foot on Monday afternoon, and at first the damage seemed minimal, but as the day wore on, I found I was unable to walk! 

Yeah just call me Mrs. Tim Taylor!  (from Tool Time)  So I have been laying around and hopping on crutches for the last week.  But I am on the mend :o)  Nothing too serious.  So don't be too concerned!


I was just on the Stampin' Up! website and saw an announcement for the Clearance Rack.  Apparently there have been lots of new items added and I know you love a bargain.  This is for an on line order but if you have trouble getting that to work for you just contact me and I will set it up for you.  You will find the link on the right hand side of this blog under "Shop 24/7"  Just click and head for "Shop Now" and the Clearance Rack!  And have fun!


Also Stampin' Up! is having a booking challenge tomorrow so you know me - I love a challenge!
Don't be surprised if you get a call from me tomorrow asking if you would like to book a class!  Or you could surprise me and call!  Either way I am going to be by the phone tomorrow all day (and possibly late into the evening)  I am currently booking

Stamp A Stack - 10 cards - two each of 5 different designs - cost - $25.00 or Free with a $60.00 purchase (in town)  Out of Town cost is $30.00 or Free with a $60.00 order

Tags classes - Make a variety of Christmas tags, large and small, $15.00 or free with a $30.00 order in town.  Out of town cost is $20.00 or free with a $30.00 order

Gift card Holders - Make a variety of cute and clever holders for your gift cards.  Cost for this class is $15.00 in town and $20.00 out of town or free with a $30.00 order.

If any of these classes interest you please contact me and I will be more than pleased to entertain your family and friends for the evening.

I don't have a card for you today but I will be back tomorrow with some new cards that I have designed for my up coming class on Sunday and Monday. 

Injured hugs!

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