Friday, October 26, 2012

Stamp a Stackin'

Good day everyone!

I am in the craft room and I am on Fire!  Been dancin Gagnun Style over the Stamp a Stack cards I have for you this year.  Word!

I am also trying to get caught up with some over due thank you's to my stampers who have placed orders.  I posted my October thank you card but then a couple of you had to go and order again this month.  What's up with that?  Of course this forces me to design another thank you card!  I love a challenge!  I will post these later in the week!  (and yes I do know today is Friday)

And apparently, the test results from my doctor are in and I have a disorder.  Yes, I think I have what is called in layman's terms "Postal Disorder"  or in Latin - "Postis Disordis".   I have mentioned in the past that for some reason I am able, and more than willing, to make a birthday card but can't seem to make it to the post office to mail it on time. 

I just know I am not the only person with this disorder and I would love to hear from those of you who also suffer.  Maybe if we get together we can come up with a solution to this horrible disease.  Our loved ones are suffering!   Let's stamp out (no intentional pun intended-RIGHT!!!) this crippling disease. 

Ok, Now that I have that out of  my system, on to the Stamp a Stack cards -

I have one SAS designed and since my classes are starting in November, I'd say it's none too soon!

Here are a couple to hold you over till tomorrow!

Oh my, is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I used the die cuts from Scentsational Season and the single stamp "Heart of Christmas"  I love it!

This picture does not even come close to the gojusness of this card.  I dusted off the "Bells and Boughs" stamp set from last year.  I embossed the image and did some wheeling and sponging and more embossing.  Gosh, you just have to take my word for it these are beautiful. 
Well that's it for today,  I am getting ready for my classes in Stephenville tomorrow and Sunday!  
Dancing around the room hugs!  Try and catch me! Hugs!

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