Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Good Day Inky Ones!

The title of this post is what happens after!  After what you may ask?  Well after my Vendor's Fair!  That evening I was bushed and took to the sofa. 

What happens after your hubby retires?  Well, let's break it down.  Hubby has worked for 40 years pretty much day and night!  So lots of alone time for me!  Kinda got used to him out of the house.  I had perfected the art of making the house look like I had spent the whole day cleaning, when actually I had spent the whole day playing in the craft room

I would stop exactly 1 hour before he was due home.  Flick over the bed and pick up extraneous clothes 10 min, swish through the bathroom (5 min tops), pick up things on the stairs that were meant to actually to go upstairs, (5 min), spot vacuum the living room (only where the dirt was 10 min) Oh I had to use a swiffer cloth to dust.)  check out the dining room and just clean off the table.  (5 min) and head to the kitchen where I would hide the dishes in the dish washer and grab something to make for supper.  Kitchen duty approx 25 min.  If I had some extra time I would actually use aforesaid swiffer cloth to quickly clean the floor in kitchen and living room hall.  All together 60 min give or take a couple of minutes.  A really great routine! 

Yes I was very good at this.  But alas now he is home and not working and I actually have to look like I spend a lot of my time trying to keep said house clean. 

I'm not happy with this new routine as I can't stand housework or spending my time in the kitchen whipping up meals.  I did that when the kids were growing up and loved it but now I have MUCH better things to do.  Like stamping, or reading or even sleeping. 

So this is my rant for today.  I feel much better getting it off my chest. 

I don't have a card for you today but I do have some pic's of the table I had at the Vendor's fair.

Have a look -
This was a gift bag of items that I sold tickets on.  Sherry Crocker won it!  Congratulations Sherry, don't forget to contact me so you can redeem your free class.

I decorated and packaged some Hersey nuggets.  These sold very well.

I made some super cute punch reindeer candy tubes.  These were a big hit!

I also made some holiday note pads to sell.

And I added some super fun to make gift card holders.  Don't forget November 25th is my Gift Card and Tags class here at my home in Massey Drive.

I had a few candles decorated for sale also.  In the background I was advertising my SAS classes.

And the whole table.  I was thinking I didn't have much to show this year but actually had to rearrange several times to make it easier for the ladies to see my demonstration of heat embossing.
Well that's it for me today,  thanks for listening to me rant!  And thanks for visiting with me today.  I enjoy your company!
Much calmer hugs!

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