Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Good day Stampers,

Another year is almost gone and today is time for reflection on the year just gone by.  I had lots of wonderful things happen this year to be grateful for.

1. A chance to visit with my family this summer.  My mom, sister Susan and her beautiful girls, Anissa and Danika, my son, Colin and his lovely wife Marie, my daughter Carrie and her husband Stephen, and of course -

2. My new grand daughter, Emily. Welcome to the family little one!

3. My Stampin' Up! family (yes that includes you!)

4. My friends, Debbie and Sharon, and all the other ladies who have become so much a part of my life.

5. My husband, Rick (I'm not sure he would like to be listed as number 5 but these are not done in order of importance)  That's my story and I'm stickin to it!

6. My sister Colleen and her husband Ben who puts up with me taking over their house every so often with Stampin' Up! classes. 

7. My health, which sometimes is wonky but over all remains good.

8. My daughter and Emily who will be visiting with us again in Feb.  Can't wait!

9. My car, which despite it's age and the dings it has picked up over the years still runs and gets me to all my classes near and far.

10. Being alive and excited about another year.

I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite cards I have done over this year.  These were picked for various reasons.  Because they were fun to do or just because I love the colors.

I love this one because of the colors and the ease with which it came together!  Pretty in Pink - I think so!!

Once again this card was picked because of the colors and because I enjoyed doing the technique " Re-inker spread" on the flowers.

I chose this card (the one on the lower right hand side) because it was my first card ever to be submitted and printed.  The goofy looking guy is my son being silly.  Ok maybe it's not the card but the look on his face that I love so much.  lol

I had fun creating this one when we were camping.  I had only brought a couple of items with me and was working with limited supplies, but I had an idea and flew with it (no pun intended) My idea given wings (and yes I meant that pun)

I also made my mom a birthday card while camping this summer and this was the result.  I love all the elements here - the color- the stamp set- and the paper piercing and the little butterfly.  It all came together for me and I was able to give this to my mom this summer while in Ottawa.  That was the best part!
I also have a share for you. I packaged my gifts this year in Kraft bags and then decorated them Stampin' Up! style, which in no way resembles "Gagnum Style".  Have a little look!
I used "Be of Good Cheer" dsp for all of these bags.  I am so glad I ordered it.

All the bags follow the same template but use different elements of the same paper. 

Don't you just love them?  They were so bright and colorful.  Of course all of them had hand made tags and are loaded with goodies.  
Hope you enjoyed my trip down Nostalgia Lane!  And don't forget there are only two more days to order from the Holiday Mini! 
And there are only three more days before the Spring Mini starts.  I get my goodies sometime next week and can't wait to show you some of the lovely new products. 
Also don't forget - Sale A Bration starts on Jan. 22 this year.  Just book a party and watch the free merchandise accumulate!  Gotta love that for sure.!!!  Also for every order of 60.00 you get something wonderful, free from the SAB flyer.  For more information just contact me and I would be happy to explain it all.
Looking back and facing forward hugs!

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