Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Canvas Creation!

Hi there Stampers!

I've been very caught up in the ever fascinating Miss Emily!  She is such a cutie.  I know I talk too much about her but it's hard not to!

Well fortunately for all of you I had a little play time last week with my friend Sharon.  Sharon was sick for the last class and wanted to see what we had done.  I showed her how to color her flowers from the new flower trim in the Spring Mini.  Those flowers are so very versatile. 

We also had some messy fun with Canvas Creations.  This is also a new product from the spring mini.  The flower trim is on page 5 and the Canvas Creations is on Page 21.  I sailed right over this one in my haste to see all there was in the mini!

Fortunately I did notice it in time to order some.  And Sharon and I broke out the re-inkers let inspiration take us where it will. 

Actually I found out something about Canvas Creations that I didn't know before.  It works best with darker colors.  We tried Wisteria Wonder and dipped in the canvas.  This left us wondering where the Wisteria was ( notice how I worked that in huh?)  It didn't make much of a difference.  So I looked everywhere for Elegant Eggplant and no go.  I had loaned it out to Colleen for the wedding invites she was working on.  So what now?

I had already cut out the card stock sand wanted to get a lovely purple look.  Oh! Why not try Perfect Plum?  It's in the purple family right?  Nope it actually came out Burgundy.  Humm!  Dipped and re-dipped the canvas until I had just the right combo.  Then I got silly and dipped again.  This time instead of a straight line I got wavy lines.  I actually thought I had ruined it. 

But I carried on - Have a look and see what you think!

Click on the photo to get a better look.  I stamped on my canvas with a stamp from "Serene Silhouettes"  I used Stazon Black.  I did find that the birds were a little hazy on  my art piece so I carefully used the Black marker to darken them just a little. 
I really like how this turned out.  I see hazy purple/plum mountains in the background. What do you see??  This is a product I would love to work with to see what else I can do with it.  But that will have to wait until I get my next order.  :O(
Now on to my news.  I promised a couple of days ago that I would tell you some exciting news.  Well read on lovely stampers.
Stampin' Up! has given us a HOSTESS CODE to use at our classes and workshops.  What does that mean for you?   It means that if you have friends that could not attend the class/workshop they may place an order on line, use the HOSTESS CODE and you, the hostess benefit.  What's not to like about this?
I have added a Q and A section.  I realize that this is a lengthy post but I feel that it's important for you my stampers to have this information. 
Hostess Code Q&A
Q: What is a hostess code?

A: It's a code that lets customers go online to add an online order to a Stampin' Up! workshop's group order. Now, the technical answer: A hostess code is an eight-character code that will enable an online customer order's merchandise total to contribute to the workshop merchandise total when calculating hostess benefits.
Q: Why is Stampin' Up! providing hostess codes?

A: Hostess benefits are designed to reward Hostesses for hosting a workshop and introducing their friends to Stampin' Up!. Hostess codes will enhance the benefits of hosting a workshop by allowing customers that cannot be physically present to contribute to their workshop totals for calculating hostess benefits.
Additionally, since online customer orders can include Clearance Rack items and My Digital Studio print products, there is now a way to tie those purchases to your workshop totals for the purposes of calculating hostess benefits.
Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain Clearance Rack items?
A: Yes!
Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain digital print products and downloads?
A: Yes!

 This code is unique to that particular workshop order and will augment the hostess benefits for that workshop only.
Q: How does a customer enter a hostess code?
A: The customer will enter the code in a new field under the special offers section of the online order shopping bag
Q: Is the hostess code case sensitive?
A: No
Q: How long is a hostess code valid?
A: The hostess code is attached to the workshop order, so it is valid until the workshop order has closed. Remember, orders left open for 30 days are automatically deleted by the system and would lose any hostess benefits associated with it.
Q: What if a customer tries to place an order with a code after the workshop has closed?
A: A message will alert the customer that the code is no longer valid if the workshop has already closed.  
Q: Can an online order customer ship their order with the workshop order to keep shipping costs to a minimum?
A: No, online orders are independent of the workshop order and online order shipping rates apply.
Q: Will online customer orders contribute to the workshop shipping costs?
A: Online customer orders will be charged normal shipping costs for their order. The workshop order will be charged for shipping on the non-online customer order items only.
Information overloaded hugs!  See you soon!

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  1. Just found this on Late Night Stampers Blog did a fabulous job on this - I just may have to buy this canvas and give it a try. I agree that the purple smoky mountains are beautiful! Great job!