Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Wonderful Evening!

Good Day Everyone!

Last night I had a wonderful evening with friends!  My stampers came for a Techniques class and we had a ball.  Lots of laughter and chatting and of course some snacks. 

Today's post will feature some of the cards my creative stampers made.  I was so pleased that they brought them to show me! 

First up is one from Susan Young.  She didn't use a lot of Stampin' Up! product but the card is so beautifully executed I just had to show you.   Have a look -

Susan had some material left over from the her niece's gown and wanted to make an anniversary card.  She used SU card stock to reinforce the pleats in the dress and also the bodice.  She used our dazzling details for the little glitter accents on the dress and the bouquet.  What a cute and lovely card.  I am sure her niece will love it.

Next up are some cards Christine Simms made.  She had a day off from work and had a ME day!  She told  me she spent the whole day in the craft room and this was the result.  These are just a few of the ones she showed the ladies last night.  Wow what a lovely bunch of cards!  She used Just Believe  and  Serene Silhouettes to create these WOW cards.  What do you think?  I think she has LOTS of fun!  I am impressed! 

Needless to say Miss Emily made an appearance last night.  She went for a nap around 7:00 pm just when the ladies were arriving and slept until the class was over at 9:00pm.  I thought for awhile I was going to have to wake her so my stampers could meet her.  But fortunately she woke just in time.  And as usual she was her pleasant self.  She charmed all my friends with her smile! 
I took a picture of Christine Simms and Emily to show you!  Emily of course had to show me her tongue, as usual!  :O)
Two pretty ladies!
That's it for me today!  Wonderful hugs!

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