Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I'm Not Wishy Washi and and Update!

Good Day Inky People!

This post is going to be a quick in and out.  Not too much talking on my part!  (sit down and breathe ok?) 

I have a couple of little note cards that I made the other day using Washi tape.  I have been playing with this new product to see if I like it.  And, yes, I do!  It is easy to work with, repositionable and looks cute.  So have a little look -

Apparently you can stamp on the tape because it is really sticky paper tape.  Here is a 3" x 3" Whisper White note card stamped with the bird from Nature Walk.  The Washi Tape is from the "This and That" Collection.

Here I just used it to add some color behind my simple hand written greeting. 
I also have a few pictures of Miss Emily taped to the wall above my desk to remind me that I have her in my  life!  (Like I would forget!)  I plan to use some of this tape to scrapbook Emily over the summer while camping.
Now for an update!  The Mommy Project is going well!  I have, to date, sent three cards and she has received two of them.  The one she opened today said "I have loved you for 21915 days including leap years."  She loved it.  She still hasn't clued in to the fact that she will be getting more, as I haven't said anything to her at all about it.  I am also scrapbooking the cards in the This and That Journal so I will have something to give her next Mother's Day. 
I have been doing cards for one month in advance, that way if it gets hectic I have some done.  I have them numbered discreetly on the card and when I seal the envelope I put the number of the card at the top where the stamp will go.  This is to keep track of the cards for the journal. 
Well considering I said this wasn't going to be a long post, things certainly got a bit windy!
No not that kind of wind silly!
Washi not Whishy hugs!

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