Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What a Day!

Hi there Busy Stampers!

Wow! What a day I had on Sunday.  Not only was it Mother's day but it was also my birthday.  I am a sook (Newfinese for Baby) for birthdays.  I think everyone should celebrate their birthday in a big way.  I want all the bells and whistles and cake and cards and I feel depressed if there is no one around to make a BIG deal out of me!

But I am delighted to report my day was a huge success.  As you all know my sister, Colleen, came to Corner Brook for my B-Day.  DH has purchased and cooked 12 lobster.  Nice!!!  I made some salads and Colleen brought buns.  (and lots of laughter)

I don't know which is funnier, watching her jump out of her skin waiting for me to open her card and gift or making her wait for me to open them.  She positively vibrates when you do that.  Especially if she thinks she has knocked her card out of the park (and damn it she did) 

Colleen and her hubby, Ben gave me (us) a night at Inn on the Cape.  This voucher includes a buffet supper and breakfast.  Ooh a romantic night and a photo opp!  Nice!!  If you want to see the place click HERE.

Colleen posted yesterday and I got a huge kick out of her brayer.  The woman is cracked. 

I also got some really nice B-Day cards from my stamper friends.  So much work and thought put into them  ('cause they know I am going to post them lol)  Pam even dropped by the house on Sunday to drop off her card.  Thank you Pam.

Have a look -
This lovely is from Lisa Payne.  I can see lots of creativity here!  Thank you Lisa,

This one is from Sharon O'Bryan.  I know how much she LOVES to color so this is huge from her lol! Thank you Sharon, see you Thursday!  Play date!

Debbie Mayo is the creator of this gem.  She had on the envelope Happy 60th Birthday, so now the Post Office knows how old I am.  Thanks for that Debbie! 

And last but not least Pam Gale's creation.  Good to see a new stamper making such a great effort.  I guess all the classes she has attended have really helped.  Thanks Pam!
Want to hear a funny?  Everyone over 40 when asked how old they are says 29!  People laugh and say yah, right!  Well I have a different view of things (surprise surprise) 
When people ask me how old I am I always add 5 years to my age.  So this year I was telling people I was 65.  So then I get comments like "Wow you look amazing for your age!  Much better!  I usually come clean but it's worth lying for a little while to get these compliments! 
And as we all know 60 is the new 40 with 20 years experience!  This is from Colleen!  I like it!
So, Experienced hugs!

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