Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's New, It's Exciting!

Good Day Crafty Ones!

What's new and exciting you ask?  Well I suppose it's not that new, SU makes stamps all the time, and if you are not that into Christmas, then I guess it's not that exciting also.  But for those of us that are nuts about SU and Christmas I guess this fills all the requirements. lol

Have a look - Click HERE

(I don't know why I can't get the pdf to show here but having some issues with blogger sigh:O(

Anyhoo, I also have a card to share with you.  Yup!  I have a son (thought I just had DD didn't you?) and his birthday is coming up in early Sept.  Last year with the brouhaha of the baby and everything I actually had to purchase a Birthday card for him.  I know, I am so ashamed ~but I was in Ontario and all my craft stuff was in Newfoundland.  Humm, seems like my craft stuff is finding ways to stay away from me.  Anyway I didn't expect to be in Ontario for as long as I was and had to improvise. 

So this year of course, I have to do an over the top card for him.  Starting early seems like a good idea.  My son is a die hard Star Wars fan and I found a Death Star for him on the Internet.  I got the idea from a website called Valita's Fresh Folds and went from there.

I stayed up last night because I was so into it.  I was up until 3:00am (it's easy to tell my hubby isn't home hahaha)  But when I was done it was a creditable job.  The only thing I shouldn't have done was add too much Dazzling Diamonds.  No it's not frilly or blingy or anything like that but I guess the time has come for you to have a look so you understand where I am coming from.

It's dark, it's menacing, all the things that make a good Death Star!

Yes, its a really different card for me and believe it or not the card stock under all that grey and black is actually white card stock.  Lots of layers of dark on this one.  But I think I nailed it.  I used Basic Black ink, a Basic Black marker,  a white gel pen, some rhinestones and some Dazzling Diamonds, oh and a sponge. 
What do you think?  Did I nail this one?  I will let you know what he thinks of it when he opens it.  Can't wait!
Oh, and speaking of Birthdays I forgot to post a picture of Miss Emily's first encounter with Birthday cake.  So here's a look at her first B-day!
Got a good handful!

Not too sure!

Yup, starting to like this thing called cake! ( But she was more interested in the blueberries on the top of her slice!)
Thanks so much for dropping by today! 
 Dark and starry hugs!



  1. Oh, this is fabulous! From what I can see, I think you have just the right amount of glitter. It looks just like the Death Star all lit up! TFS

    1. Thank you Kathy for your comment. The card actually looks darker in real life. I made an envelope from Vellum and I used Washi Tape to hold the sides. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but trust me it was nice. lol. I can't wait until he opens it up! I did stress over the glitter but your comments helps :O) Hugs!