Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Quick Update and Some More Cards!

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I would drop in with an update.  Every day I am getting stronger.  I am walking without numbness and almost cry when I realize I can move without the pain getting in the way. 

Mornings are a little slow until I get warmed up but watch me then.  Today I was in the kitchen getting my breakfast and Emily was dancing to the tune on the radio.  I joined her (modified of course)  but you can't even imagine how much this means to me.

Emily is doing her part in helping me get better.  We play a game of "Go, go, go!"  She screams go, go, go and I follow her around the rooms for about 5 min with her laughing and screaming.   Too funny!

I had a visitor today and she was blown away with how I was getting around.  She thought I would be laying on the chesterfield just watching TV.

Now I won't say that sometimes I do just that very thing, but today I was in the craft room getting my January thank you's done.  I love that even though I had surgery this craft allows me to fill some of my time being creative lol.

So here are some more of my Get Well cards.  I have received a card almost every day since my surgery, and I have to tell you each one brings a smile to  my face and for the rest of the day I am happy.

So here you go -

this gorgeous card was made by my Sister, Colleen,  She made it for her daughter Karen and her hubby Mark to give to me.  Love the "Gorgeous Grunge" Lots of shine and bling on this one.  Love it!

I got this one from a good friend, Lisa Payne.  It's a little outside her comfort zone but I am glad she took the trip!  The Q stands for Quick as in a quick recovery!  Must be bringing me good luck!  Thank Lisa!

This pieced card was done by Donna Wells.  I love the colors and the sentiment.  The little flowers also have a bit of sparkle.  Lots of work involved in this one for sure.  Thank you Donna!

This card was done by Helen Bennett, one of my demonstrators.  Look at that beautiful bow!  And don't you love the colors.  It is not a combination I would have used but it really works.  Thank you so much Helen!

Well that's it for me!  I have to get some supper!  Keep thinking good thoughts I am getting well but still a ways to go. lol


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