Monday, February 17, 2014


Hi there Everyone!

I was laying in bed late last night ( I am having trouble sleeping) and I was making up blog postings.  I need a pad of paper and a pen by my bed to help me remember all the funny and cool things I want to mention cause when I wake up the next morning I can't remember a blankety blank thing.

Oh well!  The recovery is going well and I am enjoying the gifts and cards from family and friends.  I love being spoiled and the center of attention!  Wait that sounds like Colleen talking! :O)

 My friend Sharon gave me a huge fruit basket with a Toberlone bar in it (to feed my sugar addiction), I received a fabulous basket of goodies to pamper myself with from Susan Young, I had cookies brought to me by Debbie Tipple.  She makes the best cookies!  I just got a cinnamon loaf dropped off by my next door neighbour, Brenda King.  My sister Colleen came in last weekend with a beautiful Azalea, and the cards -  WOW!

So here are a few more for you to gaze at -

This one is from a lovely lady who resides in Goose Bay Lab.  She is one of my stampers.  I love the flowers and the pretty pink and green colors  Thank you so much Sandi McRae!

This one uses some more of the new goodies.  And I love doing banners since I learned to do it right lol.  It's another one from Kay Smith, my up - upline in St. John's.  Thank you Kay!

This intricate card came from Susan Young who was the generous lady with the gift basket of beauty products!  Wow what a lot of thought and work went into this one, right?  Thank you Susan!

This beauty came from Joan Pinsent from Stephenville!  She did a lovely job and I love a clean and simple card with a White Background.  Thank you Joan!

Well that's all for today.  I have a few more to show you in a day or two.

But don't forget Sale a Bration is still going on and even though I am not doing classes yet I am available if you want to place an order through me or are having trouble ordering on line!

Just call and I will take care of any questions you may have!

Gotta go and sit around for awhile in a chair that is not so uncomfortable lol.

Grateful Hugs!

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