Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dangers of Carding!

Hi there, everyone!

It's your favorite Blog Hogger here. (I figure that's a safe assumption to make, since I doubt there are many blog-hoggers out there! lol)

I am here today to warn you about the "Dangers of Carding"!!! Firstly, I should point out that my friends and I came up with the word "carding" to describe what we do. It's WAY faster than saying "making cards". :) Secondly, everyone reading this should have all shuddered in unison when I said "Dangers of Carding". (Yes, I'm feeling foolish today. Why do you ask? lol)

It turns out that when people know you do carding, they tend to ask you to make cards! How shocking is that? Recently I was approached to make some baby shower cards for a friend. Those of you who know my age, realize that I'm talking about a very young friend. One much younger than me. Okay, one of my daughter's friends. Whatever! lol

Since my closest experience with being a grandmother is having grandcats, and not being of the age where my friends are having babies (although that would be ME), I don't have much in the way of baby stamps. Yet, when your pride is appealed to..."Mom, you make the best cards ever!" figure out how to make do with what you've got.

So, everyone, here is a sample of what I made:

Luckily, owls are "in" for babies AND the mother-to-be loves owls so this worked. (I have to admit, I don't understand the fascination with owls for babies. I would think that having a large-eyed bird shrieking "Whooooo" in the middle of the night would be startling! lol)

This card uses the owl from the "Forest Friends" stamp set, a long-retired set. However, a similar look could be achieved with the Owl Builder Punch.

Here's the cards all finished:

I used what I currently had, because my daughter wanted them within a couple of weeks, so I didn't have time to order enough supplies to make them all the same. Personally, I like the cream-colored ones best. Oh, and did I mention it's a baby girl? lol

BTW, the inside says (in pink ink), "Look WHOOO is having a baby girl!" along with the pertinent information, and I included the owl next to that statement. That way, it ties into the front of the card. :)

Pink and pretty baby-cute hugs,

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