Friday, September 19, 2014

A Money Saving Tip!

Good Day Stampers!

How is everyone today?  Looking forward to the weekend??  I am because I have a class planned for Sunday afternoon and I am excited about my projects!  But then I am always excited by the classes, it's so much fun to get together with friends and laugh and stamp!

Today I was doing something that I have been doing for years when a light bulb went off in my head and I thought - wow - this would make a great tip to share with all of you!

So here is my money saving tip!

How many of you use the Tombow Multi purpose glue?  Well if you're like my customers, all of you!  And how many of you don't throw away the left over bottles when you think they are empty?  I provide glue at all my classes and when they get hard to use I put them in a bucket and leave them alone.  When I get several then I go to work!  (I'm not cheap - I'm Frugal! )
It's my blog and I get to pick the adjectives lol.

First thing I do is take out one bottle and take the cover off the large tip.  Oh and I work on paper so I can throw it away after.  This can be messy!

Then I remove the rubber plug from the end and set it aside!

I then take the bottle and prop it up so it won't fall over.  I use my bucket but a small glass works well also.

Now for the important part - I use my heat tool to heat up another bottle of glue.  I move quickly and rotate the bottle several times.  When the plastic feels warm to the touch I bang the end on the desk to allow the glue to go to the small tip.  Because this bottle is plastic DO NOT, DO NOT leave the heat tool in one spot for too long.  Could turn nasty!

Now that you have the glue heated up and runny it's time to fill the selected bottle.  Continue heating and tapping or shaking vigorously until you don't get any more glue coming out of the bottle.  Am I making sense?  If you don't understand then leave a comment and I will explain further.

So that's how I make my supplies go farther.  I have been doing this for seven years and find it a great way to save money.
I also have a share for you today!  I will have several to share over the next week after my class is done.  But for today here is my card.

I am going to be working with Blendabilities in my class on Sunday and was practising with them.  I did this last week but this is not the card we will be doing.  This is a card I am sending my mom.  I have some pictures of Emily that I want to send her and well, can't send it empty lol.

Here is the side view.  I used the coastal cabana Blendabilities and my new fav card stock - Lost Lagoon.  Oh and btw I have gotten much better at blending.  This was just my first attempt.  Stay tuned next week for the class card it's gojus!
Long post today but hope you enjoyed the tutorial! 
See you Monday!
Frugal hugs!

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