Thursday, September 3, 2015

New Stamper!

Hey there Stampers!

Today I am featuring a brand new stamper!  She has only attended a couple of classes but she now has the stampin bug!

Before my classes I always tell everyone that this craft is highly addictive.  Fortunately for me, most people ignore the warning.  ( that is until they get hooked, and by then it's way too late)

Katie lives in Ottawa and is friends with my daughter.  Her little girl and Emily play together.  Katie attended a class I did in August and decided to jump in with the stamp set "Sheltering Tree!"  This is a lovely two step set.  So many images to play with.

So here are the two cards Katie made with this set!

I love the colours and she did an excellent job with the grass anchoring the trees.  I can only see her getting better and better.  Can't wait until she gets her first Paper Pumpkin kit in September.  

Thank you Katie Welmer for letting me show my readers that brand new Stampers can make beautiful cards!  

Proud hugs!

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  1. Her cards are fabulous! Love how she didn't leave her trees floating. I like the yellow matted card because she varied her green 'grass' both in color and in staggered placement and she slightly offset the tree - and the sentiment banner is a nice bonus. I like the green matted card again because she varied her green 'grass' color and placement and also her flowers - and the sentiment stamped directly onto the focal piece is perfectly positioned. Thanks to Katie for allowing you to share her cards with us.